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Meet our team of Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Meet our team of Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Michael Dermansky

Senior Physiotherapist and Managing Director


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons)
  • Grad Dip Nutrition
  • Masters of Business Administration, Melbourne Business School
  • Graduate Certificate Physiotherapy (Continence & Pelvic Floor Rehab).
  • Michael has had formal training on McKenzie Mechanical Lumbar & Cervical training, Clinical Pilates Level 1&2; Ergonomics for Physiotherapists & Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop.

About Michael:

Michael has now been working in physiotherapy for over 20 years, since graduating from Melbourne University in 1998 and is even more passionate about getting the best outcomes for clients than he was then. Prior to starting MD Health in 2002, he worked with a variety Private practices and sporting clubs, including travelling with the State Rugby teams and working with Geelong Football Club on their core stability (The foundations of our program at MD Health).

Michael is always studying and looking for new and innovative ways to improve the service at MD Health, including and not limited to the ideas from the fitness industry and great customer service companies.

Besides physiotherapy, Michael has a Master in Business, Graduate Certificate in Women’s Health and Graduate Diploma is Nutrition. At the moment Michael is furthering his studies in IT and software development.

In his spare moments, he loves spending time with his two children, Sebastian and Alexander and hopefully taking them skiing more and more often.

Nick Adkins

Accredited Exercise Physiologist & Clinical Staff Manager


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science – University of Ballarat
  • Graduate Diploma of Clinical Exercise Physiology – University of Ballarat

About Nick:

Nick grew up in the small town of Daylesford, before moving to Ballarat for University studies in Exercise Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology. Throughout his studies, he completed placements at the Exercise Therapy Department of Ballarat Health Services, the Maryborough Hospital and McKellar Community Rehabilitation Centre in Geelong.

Nick has a particular interest in rehabilitating injuries through strength training, particularly lower back pain. Nick includes sound principles of exercise science, strength and conditioning, neurology and pyschology into his treatment methods.
Nick is currently studying to sit the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test) in September this year.

Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time with friends and family, walking his dogs Olly (Great Dane) and Yoshi (Husky) and playing basketball.

Will Ryan

Physiotherapist & Assistant Clinical Staff Manager


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, APAM

About Will:

Will grew up in Wagga Wagga, NSW, before moving to Albury to study physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University. He has previously worked as a gym attendant and Pool Lifeguard at the Kapooka Army Base near Wagga, and has also had experience in sports training with Jindera and Mangoplah Football Clubs. He is a die-hard Collingwood supporter, currently plays mixed netball and goes waterskiing in the summer.

Will has a special interest in the progression from rehabilitating injuries to returning to full function and injury prevention, utilising Strength and Conditioning principles into his programming. Will has completed several courses around this area, including strength and conditioning, spinal and sports physiotherapy courses. He is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at La Trobe University.

Andrea Matias

Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Student Co-ordinator


  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science – RMIT University
  • Masters in Clinical Exercise Science & Rehabilitation at Victoria University
  • Diploma in Clinical Pilates

About Andrea:

Andrea obtains a Bachelors in Exercise & Sport Science & a Masters in Clinical Exercise Science & Rehabilitation. She also has recently completed her Diploma in Clinical Pilates. She has an interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions (especially lower back pain and specific diagnosis in hips). With her previous personal training experience, Andrea inspires to take her clients on journey moving from the rehabilitative phase, to progressing them to a more formal strength and conditioning program to restore optimal function.


Beyond her role as an AEP, she is a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, competing at an international level having won several titles for Australia.

Nicole Davis

Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Myotherapist and Student Co-ordinator


  • Bachelor of Health Science Clinical Myotherapy
  • Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology (Rehabilitation)

About Nicole:

Nicole practiced as a Clinical Myotherapist in several multidisciplinary clinics for a few years before studying for her Masters. Nicole’s professional focus is about finding the cause of the problem and not just treating the symptoms.

Nicole enjoys working together with clients to manage their pain and help them achieve an improved quality of life as well as getting patients to reconnect to their bodies and achieve their full movement potential.

Stephan Panagos



  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Masters of Physiotherapy Practice, APAM

Company Profile

About MD Health

MD Health was founded in 2002.  Michael and the team have since developed a unique system of client assessment (Full Body Assessment) that enables them to develop customised Clinical Pilates programs, creating a highly personalised program for each individual client.

Mission Statement

MD Heath strives toward producing the best health results possible for our clients through the use of technology, data collection, systematic data analysis and effective treatment planning from the data.

Core Values

Clinical Exercise and Physiotherapy

We believe in the integration of Clinical Exercise, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology to facilitate optimal musculoskeletal health and better enable clients to perform their desired tasks in life.

Preventive Health

MD Health believes in the diagnosis and prevention of potential musculoskeletal and other health problems, preferably before they become symptomatic to clients.

Lifestyle Solutions

MD Health believes in providing clients with lifestyle solutions to facilitate better management of their health and that of their families.

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