1. Core strength is only a small part of Pilates – although working on your core strength, the control of your abdominal (transversus abdominus) and direct back stabilising muscles ( multifidus) is a principal that should be engaged during all Pilates exercises, it is only the beginning of a good Pilates program.

The aim of any good Pilates program is to work your core stabilisers as you strength all the muscles of your legs and arms.  Core stability in itself is not enough for great body function.

2. Pilates is a great strengthening program – Pilates is a strengthening program, with all the principles of any great strengthening program in the gym.  Just like any strengthening program, you need to overload the muscles (do something more than they are used to doing) in order for them to grow and improve.

A good instructor will ensure that you are working to your maximum capacity without hurting yourself.

3. A good Pilates program should not be the same all the time – in order to get the best from your Pilates or any strengthening program, the program should vary regularly.  During everyday life, you do various activities, which do change depending on your day, your plans and the demands in your life. Your Pilates program should reflect that.

The more your program varies, the more motor patterns you learn, and the more useful your program is to your life.

4. Rest is the key to a great program- like all strength programs, rest is just as important as exercise.  Your muscles and brain patterns grow when you rest, not when you exercise.

So exercising 2 to 3 times a week, then resting and allowing your body to adapt and grow will get the best from your Pilates program.

5. Specificity is the key – a generic Pilates program doesn’t really work for anyone.  Pilates exercises, just like any exercise program, should be tailored towards your needs.

Only if the program reflects your goals, your body’s specific injuries or weaknesses will your program be as effective to achieve your desired outcomes.

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