According to the CSIRO “the evidence shows that dietary plans that are lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein and healthy fats is not only an effective weight loss strategy, but much better for improving your blood glucose and heart health, and also reducing the amount of diabetes medication that you require.”

This brief summary of the findings of the CSIRO reports that there are 3 main, evidence based aspects that have the biggest impact on health, including heart health, glucose management and weight loss:

Lower Carbohydrate and higher Protein Diet
  • A low carb and high protein diet are effective for weight loss and heart health, however this does not mean no carbohydrates. What we have generally found is that carbohydrates are still an important source of energy. But  these are for lower energy carbohydrates, such as non starchy vegetables and fruits.  And good proteins are not just any proteins.There are great sources of proteins that contain less than 10% fat and the complete profile of 23 amino acids, such as lean meats, chicken breast and fish.  Protein must be eaten in a combination for vegan’s as plant based proteins are not complete and different food should be eaten together to get the full profile of amino acids and you build muscle. Examples of this are beans and rice or quinoa is actually one form of a complete plant based protein.
Focus on Good Fats
  • Not all fats are equal, and certain fats such as olive oil and poly unsaturated fats such as Omega-3 are important for health and longevity, including improving heart health. In general, 1 grams of Omega per day is needed per day for optimal heart health. This can be difficult to achieve with regular food and supplementation may be required.
Resistance training
  • Although the recommendations are for 30 min of exercises per day, resistance training is the most important element. Resistance training helps to build muscle and bone density. This is not only protective for our joints, but also helps in glucose management. It helps us to perform daily tasks with ease and ultimately helps weight loss by increasing our basal metabolic rate and your overall energy expenditure, more so than cardio training in the long term.

All of our Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology staff at MD Health understand the importance of diet and resistance training for health and can advise you on the best combination of training and food intake to help you with your health and weight loss goals in the long term.

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CSIRO reveals why a low-carb diet and resistance exercises are the key to good health

A lot of us are guilty of reaching for the pasta or binging on bread.

But science is showing that two-thirds of Australians are overweight or obese – and carbohydrates are often the culprit.

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