This article comments on a study by VicHealth and Lead Researcher Dr Fiona McKay from Deakin University’s, School of Health and Social Development found that only 2 out of 348 fitness apps achieved a 4 out of 5 star rating on both ease of use and effectiveness.

These were:
1. Quit Genius – an anti-smoking app
2. Unwinding Anxiety

Fitness apps seem to be useful to help augment your fitness program by helping you track your goals, but should “be your fitness program”

Unfortunately, fitness apps do not help set a specific and individualised graded strengthening program, which is the main fitness limitation for most people and this is best done with a qualified and trained fitness/health professional such as the physiotherapists and accredited exercise physiologists at MD Health.

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Most fitness apps don't do much to get you health, study finds

Researchers have delivered sobering news to fitness aficionados who appreciate the convenience of health and wellbeing mobile apps – a vast majority fall short of improving healthy behaviours.

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Author: Michael Dermansky

Michael has now been working in physiotherapy for over 20 years, since graduating from Melbourne University in 1998 and is even more passionate about getting the best outcomes for clients than he was then. Michael is always studying and looking for new and innovative ways to improve the service at MD Health, including and not limited to the ideas from the fitness industry and great customer service companies. In his spare moments, he loves spending time with his two children, Sebastian and Alexander and hopefully taking them skiing more and more often.

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