Your new August and September 2019 club offers have now been announced.

Book in now for your FREE 1-RM (Repetition Max) session!

Repetition max is a measure of how heavy you can lift in one repetition and how much you can lift in relation to your body weight.

This is a great indicator of how strong you are overall and a good assessment to check against so we can measure your improvement in how much you can lift!


1 x 1-RM Session & 1 x Clinical Exercise session* for Completion Club members

If you have completed 13 weeks (26 sessions)


1x 1-RM Session & 2 x Clinical Exercise session* for 12 Month Club members

If you have completed 12 months (104 sessions) or more


Contact us now to book your August and September 2019 Club Offers bonus sessions, see us at at reception or call us on 9857 0644!


*Must complete 2 paid sessions per week before redeeming Club Offers.  All FREE club member offers can only be used as a third sessions of the week and must be stated as a FREE club booking at the time of making the appointment. Available for appointments up to and including 29/09/19.

Want to know more?

If you want more information or would like to book for a FREE full body assessment with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists, call us on 9857 0644 or email us at admin@mdhealth.com.au

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