13 Week Body Transformation Challenge

✓ Are you looking to improve your body shape?

✓ Do you want to increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat?

✓ Are you looking for a transformation challenge
that’s more tailored to your specific needs and goals?

Then look no further than MD Health’s 13 Week Body Transformation Challenge!

“…I can’t praise the staff enough, they are so switched on and always explaining the reason for certain exercises and the benefits my body will get from them.”


Client Story:

“When I first came to MD Health I presented with numerous health problems. Chronic pain from Lupus, limited movement in my right shoulder, lower back pain and pain coming from my left hip area which was hindering my everyday walking and was the main reason I joined.

I can’t praise the staff enough, they are so switched on and always explaining the reason for certain exercises and the benefits my body will get from them. They are constantly checking the way I perform the exercise so I get the full benefits and don’t cause further injury to my problems.”

Benefits of our 13 Week Program::

  • During MD Health’s 13 Week Body Transformation Challenge your plan will be personally tailored to help you achieve your goals.
  • No more standard gym classes and doing the same exercises as everyone else.
  • You can also be assured that you will be safely exercising with no risk of injury or flare ups as you will be closely monitored by a Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist.
  • We also are able to provide nutritional information and tips on how to create balanced and healthy meals to help you along your body transformation journey.

We’d love to hear from you!

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You can also call us on (03) 9857 0644.

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    Quality diagnostics, detailed assessment, and highly-tailored exercise/rehabilitation plans

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13 Week Body Transformation Program

Why chose us? 

Our body transformation program aims to not just change your body shape,
but to make you healthier and stronger for your long term health.

This is not just a change in the way you look, but a real change in your health and fitness.

The components of the program:

1)    Strength:  
The first step in improving your body shape is increasing your lean muscle mass (making you stronger).  Muscle mass is a biggest part of your metabolic rate that you can control, which helps you use more energy and manage your weight.  In addition, the biggest limiting factor we have found that stops people doing what they want in life is their strength (or lack of it).  We will assess your particular strengths and weaknesses so that your program is tailored to you for the best results.

2)    Nutrition:
The nutrition advise we will provide is aimed at helping you get long term results, by maximising your lean muscle mass and burning fat NOT losing muscle mass and therefore setting you up for long term failure.  This will be accompanied by specific and tailored advice, that makes it easy for you to implement this everyday.

3)    Functional weight training:
We will begin with specific, core and stabilising muscle strengthening and then move to harder and more complicated strength and conditioning, for that real boost in your strength and lean muscle mass.  This is the kick start you need to help manage your weight

4)    No cardio?
Cardio is an addition to your training for weight loss, but should be just that, an addition, not the main focus of your program.  Weight training to improve your lean muscle mass is the foundation and primary focus of long term weight loss.


5)    Why 13 weeks? 
The 13-week period is not random, but very specific in how long it takes to improve and begin to grow  your muscles.  Although improvement continues to occur for over 12 months, the biggest improvements occur at around the 13-week mark, training 2-3 times a week. 

We want you to be successful, not waste your time in a short term fads that really don’t match the what your body needs to improve.

Special Offer

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Terms &Conditions Apply: *15% discount applies to 13 week packages purchased in advance. Packages purchased in advance cannot be claimed on private health insurance. If package is not purchased standard pricing applies and discount cannot be applied to these sessions.
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