Amazingly, exercise doesn’t just improve your muscle strength and fitness, it has positive effects on your skin as well.  In the latest edition of e-bubble life, Michael Dermansky, senior physiotherapist at MD Health explore the skin health benefits of exercise.

These include:

  • The immediate after-glow of exercise.  This is due to the immediate increase of blood flow to the skin
  • Increases collegen and new skin cell production
  • A thicker and younger looking dermis layer of the skin
  • Reduces regular coritsol level, which reduces your overall stress and stress on glucose stress on the skin

To read the full article in details, click on the link below:

Can Exercise Actually Helps Your Skin?

To download the whole April 2022 (Issue 39) of E-Bubble life, click on the link below:

E-Bubble Life April-issue-39-2022-1

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