Exercise is one of the Best Treatments for Low Back Pain

Exercise is one of the most safe, effective, and proven treatments for low back pain. Because of this, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) strongly recommends exercise as part of a treatment program for managing low back pain. Why? Because exercise is safer and more cost-effective than surgery, pharmaceuticals and manual therapy!

What exercise is recommended?

The RACGP recommends a combination of:

Strengthening exercises such as pilates & resistance training are great for low back pain. So, include some exercises that strengthen the muscles that support the spine (known collectively as the “core” muscles).

Other activities such as stretching and walking can also help relieve/manage pain.

Aerobic exercise can be helpful and is encouraged. Hence, go for a walk, swim or bike ride!

Why exercise with low back pain?

Reasons to stay active whilst experiencing low back pain:

Compared with long periods of rest (e.g. bedrest), staying active helps reduce stiffness, pain and time off work.

Your back is made up of lots of bones, muscles and ligaments. It is strong and made to move. So, staying as active as possible keeps your muscles strong and joints moving.

Bedrest or lying down for long periods of time (beyond usual sleep) slows your recovery. This is because inactivity causes your muscles to become weaker. As a result, recovery times can take longer!

Who can help?

Worried about exercising with low back pain? I strongly encourage you to see a Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist for assistance. As well as staying active, staying positive about your recovery can make a big difference!

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