Article and Comment: Heading for burnout?


The symptoms of “Burnout” have definitely been present during this pandemic. Especially during the current episodes of lockdown that have affected all of us. But, even more so in the state of Victoria.


There are 3 particular signs of burnout:

  • An overwhelming feeling of emotional exhaustion
  • Feelings of cynicism and detachment
  • Feeling of lack of accomplishment


Although burnout itself is not considered a psychological condition, it can lead to mental health problems. These can include, anxiety and depression. This is very common during times of “forced” isolation, such as during a pandemic. Similarities were also observed during the bombings of England during the second world war.


Luckily, there are definite things that you can do to minimise the affect of burnout that have been proven to work:


  • Deliberately establishing meaningful social interaction:  Even if you don’t feel like it at the time. Contacting and having a meaningful interaction with someone else, even via text, phone, Zoom or socially distanced walking makes a difference.
  • Exercise:  Try exercise sessions via Zoom, walking outside in the fresh air or involving interactions with someone else. Activities such as walking with your partner or interacting with your instructor helps improve mood. This is because through combining exercise and emotional bonding/connectedness we elevate our mood.
  • Building as much separation between your work and home life:  Although this is very hard when you are working at home. The kids are at home, as is your partner, but, try to make some separation. Doing the things that make you feel good are an important part of coping.


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