Coming in to the new year we often come up with goals and new years resolutions to work towards for the year to come.

Often these goal setting targets may be too ambitious, not realistic or not as meaningful. Meaning we are less likely to achieve them as they are not attainable or we have no real personal significance attached to the goal we have set.

You may have noticed if you’ve had a recent re-assessment that we’ve altered the way we’re setting goals with you during your assessment at MD Health. You’re in the driver’s seat now, the responsibility is on you! And we at MD Health are trying to inspire you to set meaningful goals which you’ll have a deeper desire to work towards and achieve.

Here at MD Health we encourage you to think about your goals in three broad domains:

  • Work
  • Personal/domestic/community
  • Leisure/social

We are asking what parts of these three aspects of your life do you want to build on?


Are you contributing at work to your full capacity? Is there aspects of your work or return to work affected by your physical health?


Maybe you’d like to participate in a certain activity or chore at home with less physical restriction or more strength.


Are there any leisure or social activities you used to do that you’d like to take up again? Or anything your having trouble continuing due to pain or dysfunction?

Goal setting and satisfaction

We will be asking these types of questions and be asking you to rate your goal satisfaction out of 10 – ie. How satisfied would you be if you achieved this goal?

This model is based on strong research published by pain scientists and physicians. At MD Health we have adopted this goal setting model so together, through these discussions, we can create meaningful, motivating goals, enabling us to tailor your personal exercise program accordingly!

Want to know more?

If you want more information on goal setting don’t hesitate to comment your questions below or ask us when you’re in clinic next.

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