Nutrition information

At MD Health we are not only here to support your exercise needs but can offer nutritional advice and support to help you reach your goals

 Diet advice
 Nutrition support
Goal setting
Book regular catch up appointments to help keep you accountable and measure your progress



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Nutrition information at MD Health

Specialised nutrition advice tailored for you


Our personalised MD Health Nutrition Information sessions are suitable for everyone.

By working to an individual program, designed & fully supervised by qualified Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists, you can be assured that the nutritional advice you receive is tailored for you.

MD Health Nutrition Information

Benefits of Nutrition Information

  • Diet advice
  • Nutrition support
  • Goal setting
  • Book regular catch up appointments to help keep you accountable and measure your progress

Whether you would like to lose some weight or maintain a better diet and lifestyle, MD Health Nutrition Information is the first step to a healthier you.

MD Health Nutrition Information

What is each session like?

During each Nutrition Information session, one of our Physiotherapists or Accredited Exercise Physiologists will talk you through nutrition advice and support according to your treatment plan. We regularly update your program to ensure the advice is both effective and interesting! Real results can be achieved with changes in diet, lifestyle and regular exercise!

Your program is unique to you and tailored to achieve your specific goals.

The first step is now!

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How do I begin?

Getting started with MD Health Nutrition Information is easy.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you!

1. Book an Nutrition information assessment

Our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists will talk to you about your diet, lifestyle and short-term and long-term goals.

2. Nutrition information and advice

During your Nutrition Information Assessment we’ll discuss with you ways to tweak your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine to achieve the best results.

3. We'll create a program

After your nutrition information assessment, our Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist will create a personalised program that’s right for you!

4. Start your journey!

Following your initial Nutrition Information session we recommend regular follow up nutrition sessions so we can track your progress, offer additional advice and support and help to keep you on track! We also recommend trialling our Clinical Exercise & Pilates sessions and incorporating these in to your regular exercise routine.


Take the first step to a healthier you!

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*Please note only the Full Body Assessment is a FREE service. The Full Body Assessment is for new clients at MD Health or returning clients who haven’t been in for 6 months or longer who intend to particpiate in our 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program**.

For all new clients who wish to come in for a one-off, casual or adhoc basis for Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology the Initial Physiotherapy or Initial Exercise Physiology appointment is a paid service.

** The 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program at MD Health is not a lock in contract and you are not required to attend for the full 13 weeks if you do not wish.

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