Pilates for Men

Is Pilates Only For Women?

This is a common stereotype, however men benefit just as much as women from clinical Pilates as it is a form of strength training designed to strengthen the key stabilising muscles of the major joints of the body. In fact Pilates was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates!

Why Is Pilates Good For Men?

Clinical Pilates is highly beneficial for the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, some of which are more common in the male population. Some examples of this may be men who have physical jobs such as tradesmen, who may be at greater risk of conditions such as lumbar disc bulge causing lower back pain. Males who participate in regular competitive or recreational sport can benefit from clinical Pilates in terms of injury prevention by improving strength of the body’s stabilising muscles.

Do Any Famous Blokes Do Pilates?

Many elite male athletes including AFL footballers and rugby players incorporate Pilates as a part of their regular training and injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. Some examples of elite male athletes who use Pilates include AFL champion Chris Judd and Tennis superstar Andy Murray.

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