Resistance Training for Fat Loss

How Does Strength Training Help Me Lose Fat?

Your daily energy expenditure is largely determined by what is called your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which means the amount of energy you expend at rest to keep your body functioning. RMR is largely determined by the amount of lean muscle mass you have, the more you have the greater your RMR is. Regular resistance training can increase your lean muscle mass, therefore increasing your RMR, increasing your daily energy expenditure.

What Sort Of Resistance Training Should I Perform?

Strength training using large muscle groups involving multiple joint movements is best for increasing energy expenditure and increasing lean muscle mass. Examples of such exercises you can perform in the gym include squats, bench press, lunges and lat pull-down.

But Won’t Strength Training Make Me Look Like Arnie?

This is a common concern of many people who just want to use strength training to lose fat, rather than get big and bulky. The simple answer is no. Moderate intensity resistance training using large muscle groups 2-3 times per week is not enough to make you into the incredible hulk. It will increase your lean muscle mass, but this will just give the appearance of slightly more toned muscles with a decrease in overall body fat.

Written By Jack Hickey
Exercise Physiologist at MD Health Pilates

Resistance Training For Fat Loss

Author: Michael Dermansky

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