This article comments on recent randomised control trials in both the UK and Finland that both demonstrate that a common operation for shoulder pain, known as a sub-acromial impingement.

This surgery aimed to “shave the bone” at the tip of the shoulder to open up space and stop the rotator cuff (specifically the supraspinatus muscle and bursa) from being impinged or pinched. However this has little effect on shoulder pain.

Shoulder pain is very common as the shoulder is very dynamic or active, with many parts that need to work properly for the shoulder to work effectively.    This includes:

  • Good shoulder blade control.
  • Upright mid back posture.
  • Sound rotator cuff muscle control (the muscles that sit on the shoulder and attach directly onto the shoulder).
  • Regular capsule tightness (not too tight and not too loose) around the shoulder.
  • Normal and not inflamed bursa around the tip of the shoulder.

Bony spurs over the tip of the shoulder (on the acromion) rarely actually cause direct pain in the shoulder and all the other factors need to be addressed first before deciding that the spurs are the potential cause of symptoms.

Surgery (such as a repair of the rotator cuff muscles) may be needed, if there is a new tear of this muscle that is moderate to large AND you are relatively young and sporty.  In most other cases, exercise and strengthening are main forms of treatment that work on this issue.

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