Sports Injury Prevention Advice

Prepare Yourself

You must ensure that you have done the adequate training to get yourself to an appropriate level of health and fitness to participate in any sport. Appropriate warm up prior to competition is also highly recommended for adequate blood flow to working muscles and to prepare the body for the sports specific movements it is about to perform.

Protect Yourself

In sports such as Australian Rules football or basketball, which may involve contact, protective equipment such as mouth guards are highly recommended to reduce the risk of broken or missing teeth. Correct use of equipment such as helmets and other types of padding should always be used in sports which require it such as cricket and hockey.

Look After Yourself

It’s easy to try and be a hero and continue playing sport when you are injured. However making the difficult decision to put your hand up and tell your coach you are injured will not only reduce your risk of further injury but it may improve your team’s chances of winning as a fit player can replace you.

Insure Yourself

Making sure your sporting club or team has someone qualified in first aid, CPR and a qualified sports trainer, this is vital to ensure the health and safety of participants when things do go wrong. Also having financial cover such as insurance and ambulance cover will not only reduce hefty medical bills but make sure you have excellent first point of care when injured.

Sports Injury Prevention Advice

Written by Jack Hickey
Exercise Physiologist at MD Health

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