Staff Exercise Tip

This weeks Staff Exercise Tip is from Nicholas Charalambous, a Physiotherapist here at MD Health.

Problem: Desk workers out there who spend hours upon end sitting hunched over a computer always complain of two common problems; neck and shoulder pain. Their heads stick forwards to read the latest exciting email, they’re slouched forward so the person next to them can’t see their computer, and because of all the stress their shoulders end up around their ears. In a Physiotherapy words, the pectoral (chest) muscles become really tight, whilst the muscles support the shoulder and shoulder blade lengthen and hence weaken.

Solution: The Double Arm Row

Equipment: A theraband which can be tied around the office door handle.

Position: Standing

Technique: Stand facing the door and hold each end of the theraband with each hand. KEEP SHOULDERS DOWN! Bring hands towards chest whilst keeping elbows by your side. SQUEEZE SHOULDER BLADES TOGETHER! – this is the most important aspect of the exercise- this will allow those weakened and lengthened muscles to wake up and do their job- which is stop making you look like the penguin from Batman and start making you look like Superman

Reps: Do this 10 times– every hour at the desk – it takes 30 seconds


Author: Michael Dermansky

Michael has now been working in physiotherapy for over 20 years, since graduating from Melbourne University in 1998 and is even more passionate about getting the best outcomes for clients than he was then. Michael is always studying and looking for new and innovative ways to improve the service at MD Health, including and not limited to the ideas from the fitness industry and great customer service companies. In his spare moments, he loves spending time with his two children, Sebastian and Alexander and hopefully taking them skiing more and more often.

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