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Shoulder MRI in elite volleyball athletes with no symptoms shows extensive pathology

It has been well established in previous editions of MD Health’s article and comment series that the presence of structural changes or structural pathology doesn’t always necessarily correlate with pain or symptoms. Yet another study recently published has questioned...

Back to basics – 10 facts everyone should know about back pain

The below summary of a recently published journal article presents some SUPER-RELEVANT and SUPER-IMPORTANT information to ANYONE who currently has OR has ever had low back pain. Low back pain (LBP) is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is often associated...

Prevalence of Knee OA on MRI in patients showing no symptoms

MRI is the most reliable form of medical imaging available. However, MRI and other medical imaging is very costly, running up costs of over $14 billion in the USA annually. MRI’s often show findings such as osteoarthritic/cartilage changes, meniscal tears, bone marrow...

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