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Article and Comment: Shoulder Subacromial Impingement and Surgery – what the latest research tells us

Subacromial impingement is a clinical sign of shoulder pain, with a mechanism of injury where sensitive shoulder tendons get impinged in the subacromial space at the anterior aspect of the shoulder. It is mainly felt functionally with reaching and overhead activities....

Progressive Resistance Training for Shoulder Impingement

Specific exercise prescription to optimise improvements in shoulder pain and function for people with shoulder impingement.

Sub-Acromial Shoulder Impingement Explained

Sub-Acromial Shoulder Impingement Explained Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder The shoulder complex is made up of the gleno-humeral (GH), acromio-clavicular (AC) and sterno-clavicular (SC) joints.  In addition your shoulder has an articulation between the scapula and...

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