From the strange ways to distort what we think of as “reality” to the brain hacks that can improve memory. New Scientist’s book – The Brain: A User’s Guide will help you understand your brain and show you how to use it to its full potential.

Michael Dermansky our Managing Director and Senior Physiotherapist recently read New Scientist’s book – The Brain: A User’s Guide. He found it to be a very Interesting read and wanted to share some facts from it.

How is your IQ determined?

In general, your IQ is genetically determined.  As a child, genetics accounts for about 30%, effected by diet, education and supportive environment, however, as you get older, genetics starts to make up 60-80% of your IQ.

Physical exercise has been proven to slow down and reverse loss in cognitive function

There is only one thing that has consistently been proven to slow down and reverse loss in cognitive function as you get older. That is physical exercise, which protects the brain by protecting your cardiovascular system.

How can you maximise your IQ?

Although you can’t seem to improve your genetic IQ, you can maximise it by:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating well
  • Avoiding illness (Especially chronic disease)
  • Not having hangovers – Alcohol abuse has a long term effect on your cognitive function

The effects of caffeine on your IQ

Caffeine has short term effects by improving your alertness for a short period to maximise your IQ.

What happens to your intelligence as you age?

As you age, your fluid intelligence (your ability to reason, learn and spot patterns) does decease. However, your crystallised intelligence (the sum of all your knowledge and experience gained throughout life) increases. The overall effect is that you do get smarter with age!

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Source: The Brain: A User’s Guide – purchase here

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