What is a Physiotherapist?

Contrary to popular belief Physiotherapists do more than just massage! We also work in areas other than the sporting field, such as hospitals, private practice, community rehab centres and in the home.Physio Page

As Physiotherapists, we are highly trained in understanding how the human body moves and functions. Reduction in pain and stiffness, improvements in balance and mobility or simply correct exercise technique are all specialties for a Physiotherapist. We use a combination of treatments for strength and mobility such as exercise, soft tissue massage (yes massage!), joint mobilisations and education in order to achieve client’s goals.

In hospitals, Physiotherapists can work in an acute setting with post surgical patients, post transplant and medical patients. Sub- acute Physiotherapists have a role in neurological rehabilitation (conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s) and musculoskeletal rehab, helping patients to achieve independence in their daily activities. They also have an important place in paediatrics (kids) and gerontology (oldies).

Here at MD health, as a Physiotherapist we work to assess and treat your injuries, to get you back to optimal functioning. We work along side our Exercise Physiologists, utilizing a combination of Pilates exercises and various treatment techniques in order to provide a holistic approach to lifelong health and wellbeing.

Jacinta Meharry
Physiotherapist at MD Health Pilates

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