We all think we know what good healthy foods to eat are and think we’re eating the right things, but why aren’t you losing weight?

You tried the fasting diet, and had the discipline not to eat for a while, but still you are aren’t really losing much weight and all you can think about it is food. Why is this and what can you do?

The reason is you’re probably doing too much of the wrong exercise and not eating enough in order to actually lose weight.

Yes that’s right, you might not be eating enough to allow yourself to lose weight!

The amount of energy that you use is affected by your metabolism. Metabolism is the total amount of energy your body uses doing its normal processes. 

The only real part of this process we can control is the amount of muscle mass we have, which directly increases your metabolism.  Your metabolism is about 66% of your energy expenditure, therefore:

  • You need to build muscle, by doing resistance and weight training to lose weight

The energy expenditure from exercise is often quite little (17%) and can be less than the extra energy intake from a few extra bites to eat during lunch or dinner.

Doing hours on the bike or treadmill is a bonus to increase energy expenditure slightly, but should not replace the foundation of your exercise: your resistance/strength based program. Remember:

  • Extra cardio training is a bonus to slightly increase energy expenditure, but should not be the foundation of your training

Finally, skipping meals and fasting breaks down muscle and slows your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight. 

Eating regularly and the right food makes up 12% of your metabolism, almost as much as exercise. You can help this by:

  • Eating lean proteins
  • Eating low energy carbohydrates, such as green vegetables
  • These help to provide fuel to build muscle and improve your metabolism

In our next mid month newsletter due out in the middle of September, we will cover right meal construction and what you should eat to lose weight! Stay tuned for our next installment to find out the perfect construction of a meal.

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