This is an interesting article, highlighting that following dietary advice from scientific research is difficult, because many scientific studies can give both contradictory advice and struggle to show long term benefits.

The gold standard for research, the randomised control trial is hard to implement in nutrition research, because firstly, it is hard to allocate subjects into a control group, because they will know whether they are eating a particular food or not and secondly, the studies need to be long enough to see long term, lifetime benefits, which is very hard.

We know very well the disease effects of the severe lack of specific nutrients in your diet, such as a lack of minimum amount of vitamin C will cause scurvy, however, the ideal amount of nutrients in your diet for ideal health is much harder to say.

So, if you are confused about the “right” food advice, don’t worry, because it is confusing and inconsistent,  but what we can generally say

  • Low carb or low fat – Both work, but mostly because both approaches reduce overall energy intake to be effective
  • Eggs – good or bad, it changes, but they do contain good quality protein
  • Dairy important ? Calcium intake has consistently been shown to improve your ability to manage your weight rather than not having dairy in your diet

At MD Health, we will continue to work to filter information about nutrition and aim to give you the most straight forward and as scientifically backed advice as possible.

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