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    Clinical Exercise & Pilates

    A personalised, evidence-based approach to wellness! Our clinical exercise and Pilates programs are designed to boost strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, and effectively manage pain.

    Strength and Fitness Training

    Achieve goals you never thought possible! Our strength and fitness programs are tailored to suit your unique physical condition, making a real change in your fitness.

    Pregnancy Exercise

    Stay active throughout your pregnancy! Our pregnancy exercise program is carefully curated to boost your well-being, prepare for labour, manage your weight, and speed up recovery time.

    Physiotherapy and Exercise

    A holistic approach to improve your overall wellbeing! Our personalised physiotherapy sessions help you heal, strengthen, and thrive.

    The MD
    Health Method

    Full-body Assessment

    Our clinical exercise program includes a comprehensive head-to-toe assessment performed by a qualified professional to help create an individualised treatment plan.

    Clinical Exercise + Treatment

    Our exercise program is carefully created to help reduce your pain and improve overall health. The treatment plans are revised regularly to ensure the best outcomes. Living life without limits!

    Personalised Strength and Fitness Program

    Our personalised strength and fitness program is an extension of the clinical Pilates program and takes your fitness journey to the next level.

    Why Choose Us?

    Unlock Your Limitless Potential

    Are you tired of those nagging aches, pains, and injuries that keep you from enjoying your active lifestyle to the fullest? Our clinical Pilates program helps you get back to hiking through lush Victoria trails, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or cycling along the scenic coast without the worry of discomfort.

    • Based in Victoria
    • 20+ years of experience in the industry
    • We offer unlimited support throughout your fitness journey, and no challenge is too big for us to handle
    • Our clinical exercise and strength training programs are customised to meet your individual needs and requirements.
    • We focus on long-term relief of your injuries, not just short-term pain relief.

    About us

    Achieve The Ultimate Active Lifestyle!

    A life lived in the outdoors certainly makes you happier! From beaches with pristine waters to lush rainforests with perfect scenic views, Victoria offers only the best to outdoor lovers. Our Kew East branch in Victoria helps individuals embrace an active lifestyle without the limitations of aches, pains, and injuries.

    Our aim is not just to reduce the pain in the short term, but identify the reason for the injury and create an individualised treatment plan that prevents injuries in the long term. Our 13-week program is exclusively designed to tone muscles, increase strength, and help you feel and see the difference you’ve never imagined!

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      Friendly Team
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      Precise Services
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    Health and See the Difference

    Maintain an Active Lifestyle

    Our clinical exercise program helps you stay active, promote physical fitness, and improve your overall well-being.

    Don’t Miss Family Time

    Fully engage in family activities and cherish moments with kids and grandchildren without worrying about aches and pains.

    Pain & Injury Prevention

    We do not focus only on short-term pain management but also on preventing future injuries, allowing active participation in outdoor activities.

    Outdoor Activity Support

    Our clinical exercise program and strength training improves core strength and mobility. This enhances your performance in outdoor activities.

    Our Testimonials

    What our client says

    Kate Davison
    Kate Davison
    The staff are the best and the tailored program is like no other pilates you have ever done! Highly recommend!
    Elliott Gee
    Elliott Gee
    Professional & Welcoming
    Craig Hesse
    Craig Hesse
    Professional Knowledgeable Listening to my needs
    Roger East
    Roger East
    Very professional, supportive, enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. Work with you to achieve the outcome you want or resolve your physical issues.
    paul squires
    paul squires
    Long time client . Very professional and helpful
    Amy Joy
    Amy Joy
    The team at MD health are wonderful, they have changed my life. The style of Pilates is what everyone should be doing. Can't recommend them highly enough.
    Cate Keely
    Cate Keely
    Michael & his team are dedicated to supporting people to recover and maintain their strength, flexibility balance and well-being. They are professional, well resourced & evidence- based in their programs. Life is so much easier with a stronger, more balanced body! Thank-you MD Health Team
    paul hesse
    paul hesse
    Professional services highly recommended with many years of experience great staff who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, if you have had an injury or post surgery want to strengthen your body this is the place to go

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