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Stephanie Spiteri

Free ebook: 7 ways to a healthier lifestyle


Our aim is for you to reach your physical potential, no matter how complicated your injuries or issues are.

Over the years, we have seen people walk through our doors with back pain or a knee injury and with these steps & their effort, be able to do the 1000 steps, or hike from one end of England to the other, or take a bike tour in Italy or even as simple as playing with their grandchildren on the weekend. 

The goals are yours, but the steps are the same and we have written them down in an easy to follow book that you can read, pass on to your family & friends and enjoy the life you deserve. With these steps and your effort, you’ll be able to achieve your goal, whether that was walking 1000 steps nonstop, hiking from one end of England to the other, participating in a bike tour across Italy, or simply being able to enjoy playing with their grandchildren pain-free.


What you will learn from the book

  1. Exercise The ideal program for a healthy, long-term and sustainable lifestyle so you can live your best life.
  2. Strength Training This is the most important aspect of your exercise program, so we take special focus on this part of your training.
  3. Injury Clients often start with us when they hurt themselves and this chapter guides you through the normal process of repairing the injury.
  4. Pain It is important to understand pain and its place in injury and how it should be managed.
  5. Nutrition A healthy lifestyle means exercise and healthy eating.  We go through the basic of healthy nutrition and how you should look at your food choices.
  6. Sleep Is an extremely important but often neglected part of your healthy lifestyle and exercise training. We give you the principles and practical strategies to incorporate healthy sleep as part of your life.
  7. Habit Putting it into your life takes work and change. We go through practical steps that you need to take these principles from a ‘great idea’ to an actual part of your life.
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