Lunges - reformer - Exercise sheet

  1. Standing on the reformer, one foot on the carriage (close to the end of the carriage) and one foot on the footbar


(If the foot on the footbar is at the ball of the foot, you will utilise the gluteal muscles more)

Lunges - reformer 1

2.  Push the carriage out, using a combination of the front leg and the back leg


(Utilising the back leg activates the gluteals more)

Lunges - reformer 2

3. Bend your front leg as much as you can, without:


  • Letting the knee go in front of the toes (make sure you can see your toes as you do the lunge)


  • Letting the knee drop inwards (keep the knee straight, in line with your foot and hips)
Lunges - reformer 3
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