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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim on Private Health insurance?

Yes, if you have extras cover you can claim under either Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology depending who you see.


How long are your classes?

Our sessions are 30 minutes in length and as we don’t have set timetables run from our opening to closing times so you can find the perfect time that suits your schedule best.


Will I work with the same person each time?

No, you’ll likely see a range of Physiotheraists/Exercise Physiologists. This allows for more flexibility in your schedule. It also means many experts are working in collaboration to help you achieve the best results.


What are your hours of operation?

We are open from Mondays to Thursdays from 7am-9pm; and Fridays & Saturdays 7am-2pm.


Is there parking?

There are many free 2 hour parking spots available around the clinic for example around the corner in Oswin Street. Please be sure to check any street signage.


Do you offer childcare?

We know that sometimes it is difficult to arrange childcare to allow you to exercise. Our Kid’s Playroom is equipped with toys, TV with Kids Netflix, and drawing utensils.


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