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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Free Full Body Assessment?

We use our unique system of client assessment (the Full Body Assessment) to allow the team at MD Health  to develop your own customised Clinical Exercise & Pilates program resulting in highly personalised treatment program for each of our clients.

Before any client commences sessions at MD Health we require them to do FREE Full Body Assessment with one of our qualified clinicians.

During your Full Body Assessment we will conduct a number of different strength & flexibility tests, we will have a chat to you about your past medical history and discuss your goals that you wish to acheive from your program. This will enable us to identify your current strengths and weaknesses and allow us to create a unique clinical exercise treatment plan tailored specifically for you. No two client programs are the same!

What should I expect at my first appointment?

Your Initial Full Body Assessment is an hour consultion with one of our qualified clinicians. The session will involve taking some background information as well as strength and flexibility testing to assess your entire body. From here our clinicians will put together a specific treatment plan specific to you based of the information found as well as the goals that you would like to acheive.

What do i need to bring/wear to my initial appointment?

In your initial assessment will involve some strength & flexibility testing so please ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing to allow these movements. You will also be asked to remove your shoes upon entering the clinic (socks are allowed).

Please bring along any previous scans/reports or referrals if they are relevant to your presenting issues.

How big are your class sizes at MD Health?

We offer small group class sizes ranging from 1 on 1 classes to 3 on 1 classes to ensure that every client can get exercises specific to their needs. With excellent company and client culture our sessions have a real community feel to them.

How long are your classes?

Our sessions are 30 minutes long. While this doesn’t seem like a long time, 30 minutes of strength training 2-3 times a week is the right amount to get changes occuring.

As we don’t have set class times, our sessions run every 30 minutes from our opening to closing times. Therefore you can find a time that suits your schedule best!

How many times a week should I come?

At MD Health we recommend our clients to come in twice a week (ideally for a 13 week period).

The minimum requirement for your body to adapt to a new exercise load is twice a week and ideally 3 times a week Less than 2 sessions a week is just enough to maintain strength gains achieved previously, but really not enough to improve muscle strength (or it will occur very slowly).  The ideal is 3 times a week, with a day in between sessions.

The first 6-7 weeks of any exercise program is mostly neurological, which means that you get stronger and better because the nerve connections in the brain and the ends of the nerves into the muscle grow and become more efficient. It is only after 6-7 weeks, that the muscle start to grow and change, with the peak rate of growth occurring at the 13 week mark.


Do i need a referral to come to MD Health?

No, you do not need a referral to come to MD Health (but if you have already got one, then please bring this along to your appointment.

Can I claim on Private Health Insurance?

Yes, as our classes are run by qualified Physiotherapist, Acredited Exercise Physiologist or Osteopaths most private health insurers will cover you for your clinical exercise sessions. Your coverage will be dependent on your level of cover and which provider you are with. We recommend contacting your insurer prior to your first session to find out exactly what you are covered for.

The codes that we use:

– 1 on 1 with a Physiotherapist 505

-1 on 1 with an Exercise Physiologist 202

-1 on 1 with an Osteopath 1802

-Group session with a Physiotherapist 560

-Group session with an Exercise Physiologist 520

*Unfortunately we are unable to claim through private health insurance for group sessions with an Osteopath.

Is there Parking?

Kew East: There are many 2 hour parking spots available around the clinic for example around the corner on Owin or Clyde St. Please be sure to check any street signage.

Templestowe: We are located at the back of 124 James St in Templestowe. The entrance is via Parker St & located near the IGA car park.

Carlton North: There is plenty of 2 hour and 4 hour street parking available on Rathdowne and MacPherson Streets.

Paddington: There is 2 hour parking spots are available on Jessie Street and Menzies Street as well at the Barracks shopping centre across the road; it will take at least 2 minutes to walk to our centre from here.

Will I work with the same practitioner each time?

No, you’ll see a range of our practitioners at MD Health. This allows more flexibility in your schedule, variations to your exercises and also means many experts are working in collaboration to help you acheive the best results. Please be assured that all of our clinicians communicate reguarly and will be following the treatment what was prepared for you during your Full Body Assessment.

We hope we answered any questions you might have. Book your FREE Full Body Assessment at MD Health today!

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Would you prefer for someone to contact you to book your FREE Full Body Assessment*?

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Alternatively please call us on

  • 03 9857 0644 (Kew East),
  • 03 9842 6696 (Templestowe),
  • 03 8683 9442 (Carlton North)
  • 07 3505 1494 (Paddington QLD)

*Please note only the Full Body Assessment is a FREE service. The Full Body Assessment is for new clients at MD Health or returning clients who haven’t been in for 6 months or longer who intend to particpiate in our 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program**.

For all new clients who wish to come in for a one-off, casual or adhoc basis for Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology the Initial Physiotherapy or Initial Exercise Physiology appointment is a paid service.

** The 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program at MD Health is not a lock in contract and you are not required to attend for the full 13 weeks if you do not wish.

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