Pregnancy Exercise

Stay in shape for your pregnancy


Advantages of Prenancy exercise

Improve your labour

 ✓ Dramatically speed up your recovery time

 ✓ Manage your weight

Maintain your muscle tone

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You don’t have to stop exercising!

Our Pregnancy Exercise MD Health PregXercise Program has been designed by our Senior Physiotherapist trained in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Training with qualified Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists means you can safely exercise right up to the birth of your baby!

In fact, our Pregnancy Exercise – MD Health PregXercise program can improve your labour and dramatically speed up your recovery time, plus help to manage your weight and maintain muscle tone.

At MD Health our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can both assess and treat our pregnant clients while helping to manage them at every stage of their pregnancy and beyond! Our team work collaboratively together so clients are able to see any practitioner and receive consistent and excellent care.

The Pregnancy Exercise Program

Our Pregnancy Exercise – MD Health PregXercise program is purposely designed for all the changes before and after the birth of your baby. This includes a number of preventative measures to help you avoid common issues such as:

  • Increased strain on muscles and ligaments
  • Acute lower back pain
  • Weakened pelvic floor muscles
  • Weakened abdominal muscles
  • Weight fluctuations

Clinical Pilates as prescribed by a Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist is perfect for pregnancy as it works the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and is a low impact form of exercise.

  • Every session is supervised and controlled by our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists so you and your baby are in safe hands.
  • You can exercise all the way up to 40 weeks!
  • Increased muscle tone – makes it easier to get back into shape after birth.
  • Increased muscle strength – better able to support your pregnancy, less back pain!
  • Easier labour – there’s no such thing as easy labour but anything that can help with labour pains is a bonus!

Our Pregnancy Exercise – MD Health PregXercise program will increase all over body strength making you better prepared for this strenuous time.

Why do Pregnancy exercise with us?

Our comprehensive and professional approach reflects the years of personalised care we have given to hundreds of pregnant women.

Here are four of the many reasons you should try MD Health Pregnancy Exercise – your experts in Clinical Pilates for pregnancy!

Weight Management

It is necessary for pregnant women to gain some extra weight during the pregnancy as it is required for the healthy growth of your baby. However, the difficulty is losing the weight after pregnancy.

MD Health PregXercise Pregnancy Exercise is especially designed for women to increase their muscle strength and mass. Increase in muscle inadvertently increases your metabolic rate – thus increasing your body’s ability to burn excess fuel such as stored body fat.

It is also easier to get back into shape after giving birth as it only takes a few weeks to get those muscles active again – remember – it doesn’t take long for your brain to remember those Clinical Pilates moves.

Increase in Strength

Due to the increase in laxity on joints, the stronger your muscles are the better off you will be. The strength in the muscles will support the extra strain on your body during pregnancy.

Whilst pregnant, your body will be carrying extra weight. Just to make it even more complicated, hormones are produced during pregnancy which causes laxity in your joints – i.e. your joints are more loose than usual – a bit like a rag doll.

When this happens, without any muscle strength, your joints which are already lax will take up extra strain from the increase in weight. This will inadvertently lead to pain especially on the lower back.

MD Health PregXercise Pregnancy Exercise is designed to increase your muscle strength especially around all the major joints in your body. Your muscles having been activated and strengthened will in turn take up the excessive strain put on your joints. This will minimise your lower back pain and all the other discomforts suffered during pregnancy.

Increase in Core Control

MD Health PregXercise Pregnancy Exercise will also develop and improve core stability and pelvic control which will manage and prevent pregnancy-related lower back pain.

Good preparation for Labour

Our MD Health PregXercise Pregnancy Exercise program will help you build up muscle strength, core stability and pelvic control, these things all help prepare your body for labour. Being in the best condition you can be will also help you to have a faster recovery after the birth.

 Take the first step to a healthier you!


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