Shoulder External Rotation + Flexion (Rotator Cuff control)

1.Standing side on to firm theraband or powerband. Hold this band in your outside arm, keeping your thumb facing upward.

    Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 1

    2. Keep your shoulder blades squeezed together, and your elbow tucked to your side, bent to about 90 degrees.

    3. Rotate your forearm out to the side.

    Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 1

    4. Holding this position, slowly bring your elbow away from your body in front of you, as far as you can control.

    5. As you do this, aim to keep your forearm vertical and elbow bent to 90degrees.

    6. Return your elbow and arm back to the starting position.

    Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 1
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