Tailored Strength and Fitness

Don’t have an injury but want to focus on strength training?
MD Health Tailored Strength and Fitness would be perfect for you

Tailored Strength &
Fitness training

Guided by MD Health’s
Physiotherapists, Accredited
Exercise Physiologists
and Osteopaths

Through our evidence-based approach, we can specifically tailor your strength and fitness training program. Your tailored strength and fitness program will keep a close eye on your progress to achieve optimal muscular strength improvements.

As all our staff are either Physiotherapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists or Osteopaths, your program is also designed to prevent and manage the risk of injury. This is done by continuing to maintain strength/activating of your stablising muscle groups. The is preventing damaging load on the vulnerable joints of the lower back, hips, knees and shoulders.

Classic Strength
and Conditioning

As you progress with your program and your injuries are no longer a limiting factor in your activity level, we can take your training to the next level! We will focus more on your health and fitness goals, keeping in mind any other muscle and joint issues, to ensure that your program remains safe.

This will involve adding the following into your program:

  • More classic strength and conditioning exercises to really take your functional strength to the next level. This will help in further improving your strength and improving your muscle mass, a major step in helping manage our weight and improving your bone density. We may need to divide your program between upper body and lower body programs between each session. This will ensure we keep track of your volumes and intensities over the weeks.
  • Adding specific cardio and fitness training. Again, this will be tailored to your needs, which can be focused towards helping you achieve your fitness or weight management goals

As always, your program will be tailored to you specifically, focusing on achieving your desired goals, in a realistic and safe way. Your goals will be reviewed and assessed on a regular basis, to ensure that you are always progressing and achieving your desired outcome.


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):

Like everything that we do with you, even the HIIT program is tailored specifically to your needs and individualised only to you. When you are ready to directly work on your fitness, HIIT workouts are perfect to work on your aerobic, anaerobicand sprinting fitness.

Again, everyone is different, your aerobic,
anaerobic and sprinting tipping points are different.
Assessing your aerobic fitness and finding the right parameters for you is the key to an effective and efficient training program. This is the difference between just getting on the bike for just a ride and actually making a real change in your fitness


Sports Specific Outcomes

If you have a specific sports goal in minds, the final step is to design and incorporate sports specific training into your program.

This may involve adding jumping exercises, such as plyometrics (focused on developing explosive power), ball activities or other specific training depending on your sport.

Finally, we may also need to speak to and work together with your sports coach to ensure that there is a smooth transition from your training with us to your sports training outside our centre.

Our goal is always, for you to achieve the physical goals you desire and live the physically active life you want and deserve.

MD Health’s 13 week program

Getting started with MD Health is easy.
Just follow these steps and be on your way to feel the benefits!


Our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists will talk to you about your short-term and long-term goals and write you a specialised treatment plan.


Following your assessment our Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist will write you up a detailed and personalised treatment plan.


After your asessment we recommend coming in to complete Clinical Exercise & Pilates twice a week to get the most of our your program and see the best results.


Once you’ve completed your 13 Week Program at MD Health we;’ll conduct a 30 minute re-assessment to check in and see how you’re progressing towards achieving your goals. You’ll then automatically join our MD Health Club and receive the benefits of discounted Gold Membership Pricing and free sessions!

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