At MD Health we aim to ensure everyone can exercise & get the most out of life,
no matter how complicated or complex your injuries or issues are.

About Us

MD Health was founded in 2002, by Managing Director and Senior Physiotherapist Michael Dermansky, with the purpose of making a real impact and positive impact on the lives of our clients that come to us for help.

Our mission is to not just reduce our client’s pain in the short term, we aspire to make a difference in the underlying reason why their injury may have happened in the first place. At the time of MD Health’s inception we were beginning to understand the importance of core stability and strength training in the prevention of injuries in the long term and this is a core principle of what we do.

What started out as a 13-week program, to hopefully get clients to reduce their risk of re-injuring themselves in the long term has become a sophisticated strengthening program. We aim to start with core stability before advancing to strength and conditioning training and beyond!

Over the years we have seen thousands of clients and have not just helped to reduce their pain but have benefited them and enabled them to live their lives beyond their wildest expectations. We’ve had clients smash their goals and achieve their dreams from trekking to base camp of Mount Everest to bike riding around Italy.

We are always evolving our program and are excited everyday about the impact we can have on our clients lives for the better.

The MD Health Difference

MD Health are a Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology  and Osteopathy studio based in Kew EastTemplestowe, Carlton North & Paddington QLD with a Clinical Exercise focus specialising in Clinical Pilates, Strength & Fitness and Pregnancy Exercise.
We offer a range of Clinical Exercise programs and classes involving Clinical Pilates techniques as prescribed by Physiotherapists, Accredited Exercise Physiologists & Osteopaths.
Using a unique system of client assessment in the FREE Full Body Assessment the team at MD Health are able to develop customised Clinical Exercise & Pilates programs resulting in highly personalised treatment programs for each client.

MD Health’s Free Full Body Assessment

Before any new client commences sessions with us we offer a FREE Full Body Assessment.
During your FREE Full Body Assessment we will conduct different strength tests and have a chat to you about your history to identify your current strengths and weaknesses and discuss your goals for the program so we can create a unique Clinical Exercise treatment plan tailored for you! Using our unique system of client assessment (the Full Body Assessment) the team at MD Health are able to develop your own customised Clinical Exercise & Pilates program resulting in highly personalised treatment program for each of our clients. No two client programs are the same!

MD Health 13 week program

MD Health’s 13 Week Program is designed to help you feel and see the difference in 13 short weeks! We recommend completing two sessions per week for 13 weeks based on science and Musculo-skeletal medicine, understanding the way your body grows and changes with exercise.
There are 3 main reasons why these timeframes are so important:
  • Changes in muscle tone and strength take 13 weeks to peak.
  • We recommend Clinical Exercise & Pilates sessions twice a week as the minimum requirement for your body to adapt to a new exercise load.
  • You need time to make a new habit. Allowing yourselves 13 weeks to get into a new healthy routine will be so worth it when you can feel  the difference!
Don’t worry this is not a lock in contract but a suggested program to help you achieve the best results.

MD Health Additional Services

Additional services we offer include Myotherapy, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy, Nutrition Information, Ergonomic Assessment and a range of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes including Cycling, Boxing, Plyometrics and Triathlon sessions.
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