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Why you and MD Health?

  • You’re passionate about health and health in the community
  • You’re driven and want to make a real difference in the lives of people in the community
  • Your systematic and can get thing done, even when something is new to you
  • You have a strong caring for the people around you, your team and the wider community
  • You love to be challenged and can see that tomorrow can be even better than today

You and MD Health sound like a great fit.

Our Values

(What makes MD Health special)

MD Health is about helping everyone exercise and get the most out of life, no matter how complicated or complex their issues or injuries

Customer – We take it upon ourselves to get the customer to do what they need to, to get the best results for their long-term physical health. It is our responsibility to know the customer goals, how to best achieve these results and how to best implement these steps with customer. The outcome, results!!!!

Teamwork – We all do our job to make our colleagues, team and every branch look good. It’s not about how great you are as an individual, but how well we work as a team and achieve even greater results together while respecting others for the job that they do.

Professional leadership – We know our stuff and continuously update and improve our knowledge to provide even better customer service, better diagnostics and better and more tailored outcomes consistent with our customer needs

Practice Leadership – We always do what we can to ensure we run healthy and profitable businesses, so that we can achieve our long term vision of ensuring everyone can exercise and get the most out of life, no matter how complicated or complex their issues are. This is achieved through proactive suggestions and follow through.

Who would be the ideal

MD Health Business Owner

  • You are results orientated and can get things done, even when the steps are unknown
  • You care about the customers and your team members as people
  • You have a real and palpable drive to make a difference
  • You have an analytical brain and can understand the why, as well as what needs to be done
  • Although this is not a must, management and business experience is a preference and will give you a head start in being a successful business owner

(Sometimes our evaluation of your application may not be a no, but a no for now and we can work on the steps to get you ready for this stage of your professional career)

What we offer a franchisee

Why become a MD Health franchisee?

Getting started with MD Health is easy.

Just book a meeting by clicking on the link below and we will contact you for a confidential chat

1. A unique and fantastic Clinical Exercise system & Advanced IT Systems

including the Full Body Assessment process that allows you to achieve fantastic results for customers

2. MD Health’s Business Systems & processes

including 6 key KPI’s that drive the business

3. Support, support and support

We will work to our best ability, to support you to get the best out of you and your business

4. Business Coaching & Training

From your initial training, you or your staff will need to be up to the MD Health standard before seeing customers on your own

5. Being part of a network who support each other

and help each other grow

6. Tried & Tested Marketing Strategies

to ensure the gowth of your business as well as the overall MD Health brand

Meet Some of our Branch Managers

Nick Adkins headshot

Nick Adkins

Templestowe Branch Manager

I started working at MD Health in May 2014 as a new grad AEP. I had not completed any specific private practice placements throughout my uni degree, the closest was working under AEP’s who had their own small business within a gym or another facility, never a fully dedicated private practice.
When I first started at MD Health, the focus was my development as an AEP, I received comprehensive training and supervision in the first 6months from both the Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercises Physiologists, I wasn’t thrown in the deep end with patients, my supervisors made sure I was ready and competent to see any patient.
My training continued past being independent with patients, every week we have weekly in-service focusing on developing our skills. These are very diverse and range from reviewing treatment techniques, taking each other though exercise sessions, staff presenting on an external course they went to or even having an external presenter (such as an orthopedic surgeon) present to the team.
After about 8 months of employment, I started to help supervise university students during their placement at the clinic. After 12 months, I was promoted to the role of Student Coordinator, which had more responsibility in liaising with the multiple universities in Melbourne to organise and book student placements, managing the student training schedules during their placements as well as managing the invoicing for the universities.
After about two years in this role, I was promoted to the Clinical Staff Manager role, which shifted my focus away from managing students to instead managing the clinics Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercises Physiologists. This mainly involved organizing and scheduling the weekly trainings, monitoring clinical staff performance with their growing caseloads and working with the practice manager to organise and schedule leaves.
Part of this role was also developing my skills as a leader and manager, which is very different to managing clinical work. I trained with an external business coach to improve my leadership and manager skills. I was in this role for a further two years, until an opportunity arose to run a new clinic we were opening on Doncaster East. I was promoted to the role of Branch Manager of the Doncaster East clinic, which involved a lot of work as I was in charge of getting all of the new equipment, designing the layout of the clinic space, as well as setting up all of the administrative requirements (phone, internet, medicare, HICAPS etc).
Unfortunately, we opened just before the COVID-19 pandemic really hit Melbourne, we were only able to trade for two weeks before the first lockdown in March 2020, which brought on operating restrictions for Allied Health. I continued my leadership and management training, as well as learning more about the business side of running a private Allied Health clinic.
Despite the restrictions we were still able to grow (albiet slower than planned), eventually growing enough to move to a larger premises in Templestowe, where we still reside and continuing to grow.

Nicole Davies

Branch Manager-Templestowe


Will Ryan

Branch Manager- Paddington

I began working at MD Health as a new graduate Physiotherapist in 2017, having moved to Melbourne from Albury after university. I had some exposure to private practice in the past, but had also heard some scary stories from other new grad Physios about being thrown in the deep end from day 1 in private practice, and not having any idea how to systematically assess and treat their patients.

So, I was a bit nervous about beginning in private practice as a new grad.

But as soon as I stepped into the doors at MD health that nervousness was put to rest. I was introduced to the entire team straight away, and worked closely with the Clinical staff manager to begin learning about MD health’s assessment systems and treatment processes. We brushed up on all the clinical skills I would need in the first 3 to 4 weeks of work, working under supervision seeing clients during this time, before I was handed an independent caseload.

At around 6 months of working independently I was asked if I would like to take on a Student supervisor role. This involved liaising with universities to organise student placements, and being the primary supervisor for these students on their placements. I thoroughly enjoyed this role, and it taught me how to balance a case load and external work, as well as the beginnings of staff management.

Following this role I received a promotion to Clinical staff manager. This involved working with our other physios and exercise physiologists to ensure they were managing their caseloads well, as well as ensuring their training was up to date. This also involved an element of HR management, working closely with the practice manager to juggle annual leaves, cover sick leave, help with onboarding and initial staff training and so on.

This role also involved undergoing some personal development with an external business coach, who helped me enhance my strengths and work on my weaknesses as a manager. This training was invaluable in shaping who I am as a leader today.

After doing the clinical staff manager role for 18 months an opportunity arose for me to move interstate up to Queensland. I approached our managing director with a proposal to potentially open a new MD health branch up in Brisbane. This resulted in a 6 month break from clinical work at MD health, into relocation to Brisbane, and the set up and opening of MD Health Paddington, our Brisbane branch.

Overall, the best part of working with MD Health is the strong team-first culture, and the ever-present opportunities to continue growing – personally, clinically, and as a leader and manager. This is combined with a constant support network from senior clinicians and managers, as we get to share ideas, both as health professionals and now as business managers.


  • Do I need to have previous business experience to run a practice?
  • Do I need to be a Physio to run my own practice?


    Will I be supported through this process?

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