Hip Hitch with Abduction - Exercise Sheet

1. Standing on a step with one side of the body hanging off the edge (you can hold onto something to help you balance)

2. Keep the hip on the side that is hanging off the edge, in line with the hip on the supporting leg

Hip Hitch with Abduction

3. Keeping your legs straight, tilt your pelvis upwards to lift (or ‘hitch’) the hanging leg up towards the roof.

4. Bring the leg into the air out to the side slowly, then hold for 3seconds.

5. Then slowly bring the leg back in, with control, then dip the hip back down.

6. You will feel the hip on the supporting leg fatiguing (as it is supporting the movement).

Repeat x10 for 2 sets on each side.

If this is painful (greater than 3/10 pain), remove the step and try from the floor.

Hip Hitch with Abduction
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