Reverse Sevens (R7s)- for the right TMJ

1.  the heel of the right hand pushes the meaty part of the right side of the jaw to the right and keeping the pressure on the jaw, open and close the mouth. There should be a feeling that the jaw stays to the right throughout movement.


2. the thumb of the LEFT hand rests on the lower RIGHT molars with the fingers firmly grasping under the jaw. This hand pulls and guides the jaw to the left and throughout opening.

Sevens (7s) – for the left TMJ

3. with both hands in place, the mouth is taken to the left and opened, maintaining firm pressure on the jaw through movement to keep the jaw to the left.

The movement should be slow and controlled, as if moving down along the long arm of the ‘figure 7’.

Repeat the exercise x 10 times.

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