Side plank

1. Start by laying in a side-lying position with your foot/ankle, knee, hip and forearm/elbow all contacting the floor.

2. Knees and hips are bent with your lower back in a neutral/straight position (not allowing it to drop or collapse down).

Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 1

3. The leg and foot on the top will move slightly forward. The leg and foot on the bottom will move slightly backward. Legs must be crossed and not stacked on one another.

4. Contracting your core/abdomen, lift the pelvis up from the floor and push it forward like you would a bridge, this is just on your side instead of your back.

Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 2

5. Keep your lower back in neutral and everything straight, holding this position for 10 seconds or as long as your practitioner recommends.

6. Slowly lower down and repeat.

Thoracic Wall Rotation Stretch 2
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