Sit to Stands – Dumbbell Front Squats - Exercise Sheet

1. Sit down on chair

2. Feet hip width, knees just wider than feet and hips

3. Squeeze gluteal (buttock) muscles and lean forward from hips

4. Do not round lower back

5. Hold heavy dumbbells one in each hand so that they are “racked” on your shoulders, elbows forward.

6. These weights should be heavy enough that you couldn’t do a bicep curl with them. Your leg muscles are much bigger than your arm muscles and need a higher load for exercise.

Sit to Stands – Dumbbell Front Squats

7. Stand up completely lock knees unless told otherwise

8. Squeeze gluteals at top (buttocks)

9. Reverse the movement sitting back down on the chair slowly, this should take 3-4 seconds

10. Stick bottom out to sit down

11. Body weight in heels


Complete 10 repetitions ideally pain free unless otherwise directed.

You can do 3-4 sets per day, every second day or as otherwise advised.

Sit to Stands – Dumbbell Front Squats
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