Sit to Stands – Goblet Squats - Exercise Sheet

1. Sit down on chair, Holding 1x heavy dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest and under your chin. The weight should be heavy enough that you couldn’t lift it with one hand.

2. Feet hip width, knees just wider than feet and hips

3. Squeeze gluteal (buttock) muscles and lean forward from hips

4. Do not round lower back

Sit to Stands – Goblet Squats

5. Stand up completely lock knees unless told otherwise

6. Keep elbows in front of body this helps keep your upper back in a good posture

7. Squeeze gluteals at top (buttocks)

8. Reverse the movement sitting back down on the chair slowly, this should take 3-4 seconds

9. Stick bottom out to sit down

10. Body weight in heels

Sit to Stands – Goblet Squats
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