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Dr Tracy Shang & Dr James Taylor

Australian Sports Doctors

Dr Tracy Shang and Dr James Taylor, founding directors of Australian Sports Doctors, provide personalized and thorough medical care for athletes and active individuals of all ages and abilities, emphasizing an evidence-based, holistic approach to enhance function and performance, from prevention to rehabilitation and achieving optimal health.



  • Experienced Trustworthy Doctors
    • Diagnosis with thorough history and examination
    • Fully qualified Sports GP doctors, members of Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
    • Ethical and compassionate care that you can trust
    • Additional skills: Ongoing education with SMA, Graduate Diploma of Sports Medicine (Melbourne University), the Royal Australian College of GPs (RACGP)
  • On-Site Medical Procedures and Selected Injections
    • Fracture, acute injury, and wound/laceration management
    • Selected joint, tendon, and bursal injections
    • Surgical assisting in theatre with AOSM associated orthopaedic surgeons
    • Tetanus and overseas competition immunisation advice
  • Preventative and Rehabilitation Assessments
    • Training load advice to enhance performance
    • Strength, balance, and conditioning advice to rehabilitate and reduce injuries
    • Functional restoration programs (pre and post-operative) in conjunction with our network of allied health professionals
    • Pre-participation screening assessments available for sports teams and schools
  • Imaging, Referrals, and Surgeons
    • Imaging and pathology on-site weekdays, including Xray, CT and Ultrasound, and MRI
    • Full range of orthopaedic surgeons on-site, including upper and lower limb specialists
    • Direct referral and access to surgical appointments with orthopaedic specialists in the AOSM clinic
    • Access to on-site and local network of allied health services: physiotherapy, osteopathy, podiatry, exercise physiology, chiropractics, performance psychology, myotherapy, dietetics


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Dr. Tracy Shand and Dr. James Taylor - Australian Sports Doctors
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