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Dr Austin Vo

Melbourne Shoulder & Knee

Dr Austin Vo is a Melbourne fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon with expertise in all aspects of shoulder and knee surgery. A graduate of The University of Melbourne, he commenced advanced orthopaedic training in 2007 with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) to become a fully-qualified consultant orthopaedic surgeon in 2011. Austin, subsequently undertook subspecialty fellowship training with some of the world’s leading orthopaedic surgeons.



Shoulder Surgery:

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
Arthroscopic surgery for shoulder instability
The Latarjet procedure
Impingement syndrome and subacromial bursitis
Calcific tendinopathy & adhesive capsulitis
Proximal biceps tendon surgery (SLAP repair, Biceps tenodesis)
Total & Reverse Shoulder Replacement
Trauma Surgery of the Upper Limb (e.g. fractured clavicle, fractured proximal humerus, AC joint dislocation, distal biceps rupture, fractured distal radius)

Knee Surgery:

Robotic Partial & Total Knee Replacement (Stryker MAKO)
Knee arthroscopy including meniscus surgery
ACL reconstruction
Patellofemoral instability surgery

Referral Partner - Dr. Austin Vo - Melbourne Shoulder & Knee
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