1-RM or One Repetition Maximum is the maximum amount of weight that one can lift for a given exercise. Using the one rep maximum, you can determine your max strength for your muscles based upon exercises being performed.

As you may have noticed lately at MD Health, our monthly specials over the last few months have been focused around our new product line: Tailored Strength & Fitness (TSF).

In the months over August and September, we kicked off the special with the 1RM strength assessment. However, it all seems to still be a mystery of what it involves, so we’re here to answer your questions!

What is 1-RM testing?

1-RM testing is a measure of how heavy you can lift (safely, with good technique) in one maximum effort. 1-RM testing is commonly used to measure capacity for the 3 “BIG” lifts – bench press, dead lift/rack pulls, and squat.

At MD Health we test 1-RM to both see how strong you are with these movements, but also how to best structure your strength and conditioning programming so that you are achieving your independent strength goals. Good news is ANYONE can do this assessment! Our clinical staff will pick the lift best suited to you, working around any weaknesses or injuries you may happen to have.
Progressing your program at MD Health

Given most of our clients are now progressing, with certain injuries being no longer a limiting factor, we can now take your training to the next level! Our staff will guide you to focus more on your health and fitness goals, keeping in mind any other muscle and joint issues, to ensure that your program remains safe.
Tailored Strength & Fitness (TSF)

Taking your training to the next level involves a transition into our TSF program! Our TSF program entails more classic strength and condition exercises to really take your functional strength to the next level. Progressing your training will help in further improving your strength and improving your muscle mass, and a major step in helping manage weight and improving bone density. We may need to divide your program between upper body and lower body programs between each session. This will ensure we keep track of your volumes and intensities over the weeks based on the 1RM results obtained.

If you wish to trial this program, be quick to book in a TSF session as apart of our monthly special for November. This is a great opportunity to trial to indicate if this is a suited program for you. If you’re are unsure, our clinical staff at MD Health will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Want to know more?

If you want more information on nutrition and clinical exercise at MD Health or would like to book for a FREE full body assessment with one of our Physiotherapists or Exercise Physiologists, call us on 9857 0644 or email us at admin@mdhealth.com.au



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