How we're keeping you safe during the pandemic

With the recent reintroduction of Stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne we want to re-assure you all that MD Health are still open for business and are a safe space to be!

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Stage 4 Restrictions Update

We now have confirmed the operating restrictions for Allied Health under Victoria’s COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions. 

There is understandably a lot of confusion following the recent government announcements regarding Stage 4 Restrictions, however we have now been able to confirm there are different restrictions for each Allied Health Professional.

Please remember we are in a State of Disaster, and our primary goal must be to save lives.

In clinic appointments

The following are the ONLY types of appointments we are able to see in clinic by a Physiotherapist only:

If you are experiencing an acute episode of pain or are just recovering from a recent acute episode. For example:

  • severe pain from an injury (that you would otherwise go to your GP for).
  • serious flare up of existing injury.
  • chronic disease clients who CANNOT be serviced by Telehealth.

If you are in the acute rehabilitation stage after a recent operation that cannot be done via Telehealth.

We will be contacting all clients with current bookings to transition your appointments to online Telehealth.

How we’re keeping you safe at MD Health

Curfew and change in opening hours

With the recent addition of the curfew in Melboune between 8pm-5am we will be changing our opening hours at both clinics. This change in hours will allow both staff and clients ample time to travel home before the 8pm curfew begins. We will also be only seeing critical clients face to face in clinic on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. But online Telehealth appointments will be available from Monday to Saturday.

Travelling to MD Health

Please be assured that the 5km travelling restriction DOES NOT apply to travelling to your appointments to MD Health for critical patients ONLY. You are able to travel beyond 5km to your appointment. We would recommend having your appointment confirmation on hand if required when travelling to show as proof of reason for travel. Please note we do suggest stating that MD Health are a Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology studio NOT saying you’re going to Pilates or to exercise.

How we’re keeping you safe at MD Health

We are following all best practice measures to ensure we minimize any chances of transmitting the virus in our clinic.

We are continuing on our heightened cleaning measures and are asking all clients who are showing any symptoms whatsoever or have come in to contact with anyone displaying symptoms to please stay home and change their appointments to Telehealth.

Hands on treatment safety precautions

We wish to assure any Physiotherapy clients of Mark Latimer at MD Health Doncaster East that his appointments will still be running as normal with adequate protective equipment (gloves and mask) for any hands on treatment. The same will also apply to any Physiotherapy hands on treatment and Myotherapy appointments at MD Health Kew East.

Social distancing in clinic

Instructions on exercises will be given from at least 1.5m distance from the instructors. Usually we would correct technique with hands-on guidance if needed, however, we will be avoiding this during this period.

Hand sanitiser and hand washing

Our staff are ensuring the use of hand sanitiser AND/OR washing hands in between each client and we invite our clients to make use of the hand sanitiser we have available on arrival and departure of the clinic.

Are you showing any symptoms or have come in to contact with a confirmed or possible COVID-19 case?

We do ask any clients who experiencing any symptoms or who have come in to contact with a confirmed or possible COVID-19 case to please change their appointments to online using Telehealth for the timebeing.

Face Masks and Temperature Checks

We ask all clients to please wear a mask or face covering while at MD Health and during your session.We understand that this is an adjustment and appreciate your understanding and cooperation. If you are struggling to breathe you may remove this during some exercises but it will be required to put back on afterwards.We’ll also be completing temperature checks for all clients upon arrival and anyone presenting a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees celsius (surface temperature) will be asked to change their appointment to an online Telehealth session. 

Limited capacity in clinic

To allow for social distancing and limited capacity in clinic we will temporarily limit class capacity to a maximum of 2 clients to 1 instructor. For any clients in 3-1 or 4-1 classes you will still be charged your usual rate.

Client safety and cleaning measures

We are following state and government advice and are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all our clients and staff.
We continue to maintain our high standards of hygiene and sanitisation, including cleaning/sanitising ALL equipment used between EVERY client who touches them. We will also be taking measures to ensure we are complying with social distancing guidelines, including staggering the use of reformers. 


Staying fit and healthy during lockdown

It is important that we do our part to ensure that we all remain as fit and healthy as possible. We will always comply with the best evidence-based practice, and exercise has been shown to be important to maintain healthy immune system function!At MD Health, we will always strive to do what we can to support our clients and our healthcare system during these trying times. We will continue to keep you updated on news regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Melbourne’s restrictions as it relates to your sessions here at MD Health.Please note if the government advice changes so will we.

If you would like more information or have any questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how we’re approaching this at MD Health please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 9857 0644 (Kew East), 03 9842 6696 (Doncaster East) or email us at admin@mdhealth.com.au

Cleaning at MD Health

With the current concerns about COVID-19 we would like to reassure our clients that we at MD Health are taking all possible measures to ensure the clinic is cleaner than ever before.


• Our staff are ensuring the use of hand sanitiser in between each client and we invite our clients to make use of the hand sanitiser we have available in on arrival and departure of the clinic.
• All surfaces and equipment on the exercise / Pilates floor, waiting area and rooms are being cleaned and disinfected after each class/session.
• All treatment beds are cleaned with methylated spirits after use and the pillow sheets changed.
• Instructions on exercises will be given at a slight distance from the instructors.  Usually we would correct technique with hands-on guidance if needed, however, we will be avoiding this during this period.
• We advise all patients to please be mindful of any cold and flu symptoms and to postpone treatment if any illness should be present.


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