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Discounted pricing, free sessions and a freebie for your birthday!

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What is the MD Health Club?

The MD Health Club is for our clients who have been with us for longer than 13 weeks and have completed MD Health’s 13 Week Program.

Once you are a part of the MD Health Club you will received discounted Gold Membership Pricing as well as FREE promotional sessions and a freebie for your birthday.

MD Health Club Benefits

Discounted Pricing and FREE sessions

For our clients who have been with us for 13 weeks and completed our MD Health 13 Week Program we invite you to join our 13 Week Club. Club members will enjoy discounted Gold Membership Pricing and TWO FREE promotional sessions every other month as well as a freebie for your birthday!

Once you have been with us for 12 months you will automatically become a part of our 12 Month Club! Our 12 Month Club members will not only receive discounted Gold Membership Pricing, as well as a FREE session for your birthday plus FOUR FREE promotional sessions every other month!

Following this every year on your anniversary you will receive bonuses to celebrate!

The longer you’re with us, the more benefits you’ll receive!

At MD Health we want to celebrate your acheivements and reward you for it!

Why become a part of the MD Health Club?

MD Health is so much more than just Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates, it is a real community where our members really get to know each other and become friends.

With time and dedication our members have achieved real results and can feel the benefits!


  • We are not just about short term pain relief, but long term injury management and prevention in the future

“I have been attending MD Health for over 4 Years now and the difference it has made to my life is incredible. I now have no back pain, which I have lived with since 17 years old, got great movement in my right shoulder and running around with no hip pain to deal with. The best benefit of all, which I didn’t expect, was the program has made me strong enough to deal with the chronic pain of Lupus.
MD Health has become that best friend I never want to lose and given me a new outlook on life.”


  • Because of our intervention, customers are able to do things beyond their own expectations and really live up to their physical potential

“I would hate to think how my old body would be if I had not joined up. I see people my age and think that could have been me except for MD. I love seeing the older people in classes actually doing something about improving their health and wellbeing and enjoy seeing the improvement in them and how they bounce in the front door so proud of themselves.”

Anne M

  • Our aim is to be our customer’s life long partners in physical health and fitness

“MD Health had effected my every day life as I am more capable of performing necessary tasks and I am able to walk longer distances and thus enjoy some exercise. I am now aware of the things that cause flare ups and how to treat them. I know that this is an on going condition but with MD Pilates I now have resources to help with the diagnosis.”

Jane N

What we offer our members

Why become a MD Health Club Member?

Getting started with MD Health is easy.

Just follow these steps and be on your way to not only feel the benefits but receive the benefits!

1. Book an Assessment

Our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists will talk to you about your short-term and long-term goals and write you a specialised treatment plan.

2. Complete the 13 Week Program

Once you’ve been with us for 13 weeks you’ll become a part of our MD Health 13 Week Club and receive our Gold Membership Pricing, TWO FREE sessions every other month and a FREE session for your birthday!

3. Join the 12 Month Club

After 12 months you’ll become a member of our 12 Month Club! Benefiting from Gold Membership Pricing, a FREE class for your birthday and FOUR FREE sesssions every other month.

4. Be rewarded every year

For every year you’re with us you’ll be rewarded! The benefits grow over time and we have many members who have been with us for over 10 years!


Take the first step to a healthier you!

Would you prefer for someone to contact you regarding booking your Initial Physiotherapy appointment, Initial Exercise Physiology session or FREE Full Body Assessment*?

Please fill in this form and someone from MD Health will be in touch with you soon.

Alternatively please call us on 03 9857 0644 (Kew East) or 03 9842 6696 (Doncaster East) to book now!

Would you prefer for us to call you to book your assessment?

*Please note only the Full Body Assessment is a FREE service. The Full Body Assessment is for new clients at MD Health or returning clients who haven’t been in for 6 months or longer who intend to particpiate in our 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program**.

For all new clients who wish to come in for a one-off, casual or adhoc basis for Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology the Initial Physiotherapy or Initial Exercise Physiology appointment is a paid service.

** The 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program at MD Health is not a lock in contract and you are not required to attend for the full 13 weeks if you do not wish.

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