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Clinical Exercise & pilates

Movement and strengthening are two of the most important treatments for recovering from a variety of ailments, injuries, and diseases.

You can gain many long-lasting advantages from clinical pilates, including increased flexibility, muscle strength, and range of motion. Additionally, every session may be customised to fit your health needs, capabilities, body, and progress!

Our clinical and reformer pilates classes near Milton will assist you in enhancing your fitness, boosting your strength, and stabilising your core. They are popular and effective with those recovering from surgery or starting injury rehabilitation.

All at a personalised pace that is suited to your body and current health level.

  • Embark on your personalised plan tailored for your body and health.
  • Improve your core strength and develop your key muscles.
  • Enhance your flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Access expert guidance from a qualified pilates instructor every step of the way.
  • Begin with a free body assessment so our team can tailor a program especially for you.

Clinical Exercise & pilates

Why Choose MD Health for Your Pilates, Clinical Pilates, and Reformer Pilates sessions near Milton?

• We are committed to helping to reduce and manage your pain, injuries, and illness.

• Learn how strengthening your core muscles and stabilising your core can prevent future injuries.

• We are committed to both short-term relief and long-term results.

• Our specialist courses have been developed to support you with a detailed and bespoke strengthening program developed over several years.

• We have helped thousands of clients to improve their fitness and reduce their pain.

• You can begin your journey with a FREE Full Body Assessment, which will be used to develop an individualised program.

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Pilates in Milton

Clinical Exercise & pilates

What Does Each Session Involve?

Our Pilates professionals will create a plan to increase your strength, flexibility, and fitness after your FREE full-body evaluation. A clinical pilates session close to Milton may combine mat work and movements using pilates equipment, depending on your needs.

An experienced exercise physiologist will lead and accompany you during the session, explaining each exercise and assisting you in moving forward with your program.

Your core stability, muscle strength, posture, body control, joint flexibility, and controlled breathing may all be worked on during a session.

Your instructor will create a plan that is appropriate for you and your fitness goals based on your health and amount of pain.

Clinical Exercise & pilates

Benefits of Pilates

1. Clinical and Reformer Pilates Classes Can Help with Pain Management

A clinical pilates exercise program can help you if you suffer from chronic neck or back pain. It will help to strengthen and support the muscles in your back, improving your posture and positioning and reducing painful stress and pressure on your spine.
Many pains in your body can be traced back to problems with poor posture, core stability, or muscle strength. Improving these aspects of your body can help to reduce and prevent pain from injuries, strain, and stress on your ligaments and joints.

2. Injury Rehabilitation with Pilates near Milton

Low-impact clinical pilates sessions can be an ideal form of exercise for those recovering from surgery or an injury. The movements and exercises are gentle on your joints and needs and will be tailored by your instructor so they are safe for your recovery and injuries.
Reformer pilates regular classes can help to support your recovery by strengthening your muscles and stabilising your posture and core. It can help to avoid further injury and pain as you progress forward.

3. Improve Your Mobility, Flexibility, and Agility with Clinical Pilates

Due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it is not unusual to feel pain and strains in muscles and joints throughout our day. Clinical pilates will stretch and strengthen your key muscles by ensuring they are subject to increased movement and motion.
This should help to improve your flexibility, and agility and increase your overall mobility.

4. A Great Choice for Pregnancy and Post-Natal Exercise

You can turn to your local clinical pilates classes near Milton to help you cope with the body stresses and strain of both the pregnancy and post-partum stages.
Your exercise physiologist will develop a plan which will gently help you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and abdomen along with supporting your overall strength and fitness.

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Clinical Exercise & pilates

How to Join Our Next Pilates Session near Milton

Your first step in your clinical pilates journey is to arrange for a Free Full Body Assessment with us.

Once we have a complete picture of your current health, fitness, and pain levels, we will be able to tailor a pilates program that is aimed directly at helping you as an individual.

MD Health’s 13 week program

Clinical Pilates in Milton qld

Getting started with MD Health is easy.

Just follow these steps and be on your way to feel the benefits!

1. Book an Assessment

Our Physiotherapists and Accredited Exercise Physiologists will talk to you about your short-term and long-term goals and write you a specialised treatment plan.

2. We'll write you up a treatment plan

Following your assessment our Physiotherapist or Accredited Exercise Physiologist will write you up a detailed and personalised treatment plan.

3. Clinical Exercise & Pilates twice a week

After your asessment we recommend coming in to complete Clinical Exercise & Pilates twice a week to get the most of our your program and see the best results.

4. Complete the 13 week program

Once you’ve completed your 13 Week Program at MD Health we;’ll conduct a 30 minute re-assessment to check in and see how you’re progressing towards achieving your goals. You’ll then automatically join our MD Health Club and receive the benefits of discounted Gold Membership Pricing and free sessions!

Clinical Exercise & pilates

About Milton, QLD

Milton is a beautiful suburb located just outside of Brisbane, QLD. It is known for its wonderful views of the river and lush green parks.

For Milton residents, there are plenty of opportunities to relax and enjoy the beauty of this area.

The people who live in Milton enjoy easy access to the city – a short drive away – while also enjoying all the benefits provided by living further out.

There are plenty of local attractions nearby including Paddington Markets, Suncorp Stadium, Roma Street Parklands, and South Bank Parklands.

Residents can also take advantage of shopping malls like Queens Plaza or explore some of the great local eateries that dot the community.

For those looking for outdoor activities, there’s no shortage!

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** The 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program at MD Health is not a lock in contract and you are not required to attend for the full 13 weeks if you do not wish.

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