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MD Health are specialists in clinical exercise and pilates:  We help you get the most out of life, no matter how complicated or complex your injuries or issues are.

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What’s different about THE MD HEALTH WAY

The MD Health way is our proprietary method which has been developed by experienced health professionals with over 20+ years experience. With our ongoing professional development & our personally developed software we get outcomes by working specifically towards achieving our clients goals.

Part 1: MD Health Full Body Assessment

A thorough head to toe assessment is preformed by one of our qualified Physiotherapist, Osteopaths or Accredited Exercise Physiologist to provide a individualised treatment plan specific to your needs.

Pilates Session

Part 2: Clinical Exercise/Clinical Pilates + Treatment (Together)

A combination of hands on treatment and a personalised exercise program to help you reduce pain & achieve your goals.

 Treatment plans are revised at regular intervals to ensure we are getting the best  outcomes for you!

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Part 3: MD Health Tailored Strength and Fitness

MD Health Tailored Strength & Fitness is an extension of our Clinical Pilates program. 

It is designed to take your program to the next level, to achieve the things you didn’t think you would be able to.

Why every Clinical Exercise and Pilates program starts with a Full Body Assessment:


  • It allows us to customise your program for your needs alone
  • We can find any issues, cause of these issues and determine how to manage them
  • We can get a good sense of your goals and how to direct your program to achieve what you want to achieve
  • It guides us of the appropriate size of group for your program

What are the benefits of a customised exercise program vs a general program?

The whole point of an exercise program is not just to feel like you’ve done something at the time, but to get an outcome for the long term. Exercise is training, for a particular purpose. Doing a series of exercises will make you feel like you’ve worked at the time. However, a few weeks, months or years later, you may not have moved closer to the goal you desire

  • Beginning an exercise program by targeting the specific weaknesses in the stabilising muscles around the body, before adding compound lifts, such as deadlifts, squats and bench press has a much greater chance of success and achieving client goals
  • If you do have an injury, this must be taken into consideration and worked with or around to achieve your goal


Let our trained and experienced health professionals guide you towards your goals

At MD Health, we only employ trained health professionals (physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and osteopath).


  • Have an excellent knowledge of the body and exercise and can customise exercises specific for your needs
  • Have the skills to fully assess your body, including picking up any injuries and addressing them as part of your program
  • Can easily incorporate hands-on treatments as needed as well as appropriate exercise as part of your program

Free ebook: 7 ways to a healthier lifestyle

Our aim is for you to reach your physical potential, no matter how complicated your injuries or issues are.

Over the years, we have seen people walk through our doors with back pain or a knee injury and with these steps & their effort, be able to do the 1000 steps, or hike from one end of England to the other, or take a bike tour in Italy or even as simple as playing with their grandchildren on the weekend. 

The goals are yours, but the steps are the same and we have written them down in an easy to follow book that you can read, pass on to your family & friends and enjoy the life you deserve.

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The confident body show podcasts

This great series of podcast are a collection of interviews that:

  • Health professionals on the latest advice on how to keep yourself strong and healthy
  • Discussions with clients on their journey to build a confident body

To get the latest podcasts on your phone, click on the link:


Our latest articles on health, fitness and how to get the most out of life

Our staff pride ourselves on keeping our clients and our community well informed on wht they can do to keep themselves strong and healthy.

We both write our own articles and review the latest knowledge

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*Please note only the Full Body Assessment is a FREE service. The Full Body Assessment is for new clients at MD Health or returning clients who haven’t been in for 6 months or longer who intend to particpiate in our 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program**.

For all new clients who wish to come in for a one-off, casual or adhoc basis for Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology the Initial Physiotherapy or Initial Exercise Physiology appointment is a paid service.

** The 13 Week Clinical Pilates Program at MD Health is not a lock in contract and you are not required to attend for the full 13 weeks if you do not wish.

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