Is lifting weights safe for teenagers?

Not only is lifting weights safe, it helps prevent sporting injury and improves sporting performance in teenagers. 

A Sydney school’s Strength and Conditioning coach also believes it fosters key values for school children as they transition to adulthood; namely resilience, patience, hard work and persistence.

The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association recommends that children can start body weight exercises such as squats and push ups at the age of 5, and transition to barbell and free weights by the ages of 12-13.

Children who are taught key motor patterns earlier (such as push/pull movements, squats and hinging) are more resilient to acute injury, especially in their chosen sport. These children also have a higher conditioning (or a tolerance of load), meaning they are less likely to develop overuse injuries such as stress fractures or Osgood Schlatter’s disease. This is especially important in those children who also participate in representative sport.

Therefore, lifting weights is not only safe for children, it is highly beneficial for children’s athletic, physical and mental development!

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The schoolboys learning life lessons at the bench press

At Sydney private school Newington, the weights room is not just for the jocks; its most frequent visitors are spindly legged boys from year 7.

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