Following our article on 5 Exercises to help get out of bed, we have had several requests to write an article on the best way to get out of the bath.

The following is a step-by-step guide in helping you get out of the bath safely and effectively:

  • Beginning on your bottom, use the side of the bath to pull yourself onto your side, then onto your hands and knees.

Get Out the Bath 1

Get Out the Bath 2

  • Holding onto both sides of the bath, push yourself up onto your knees only

Get Out the Bath 3

Get Out the Bath 4

Get Out the Bath 5

Get Out the Bath 6

  • Hold onto the side of the bath, closest to the exit, lift your knees off the bath floor, so that you are balancing on your feet.

Get Out the Bath 7

  • Continue holding onto the side of the bath, and bring one leg over the side of the bath.
  • When you are safely standing on that leg, continue holding onto the side of the bath, bring the other leg over the side of the bath so that both legs are outside of the bath.

Get Out the Bath 8

Get Out the Bath 9

  • When you are safely standing on both feet, let go of the side of the bath.

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