Is sitting posture that important?

Does your posture really matter?  In recent studies by Kieran O’Sullivan at the University of Limerick and other studies at Monash University, the answer seems to be a surprising no.

What is becoming clearer from the research evidence is that posture, sitting or standing upright has no direct correlation to neck and back pain.

The biggest issue that does seem to make a difference is sustaining any particular posture for a prolonged period of time.  After a period of time, muscles fatigue and can be sore themselves or put strain on other structures, such as joints and ligaments which can be irritated.

The two most important take home points are:

  • Change positions regularly and often, rather than hold a particular correct “posture”
  • Improve your muscle strength, to be able to cope better with holding any particular posture for a period of time

George, A (2022) Are you sitting comfortably? 19th February 2022, No. 3374.  P42-45.

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