There often seems to be children who naturally have ‘it’ when it comes to sport but the truth is that most do not and it is something that can be trained.

Many children loose interest and shy away from sports when they struggle to keep up or fit in. This can result in poor physical activity patterns.

Many of the reasons that children fall behind in sports and physical activity are things that can be trained and improved. Things such as hand-eye co-ordination, balance, speed and agility are all things that can be trained and assist with a child’s sporting performance.

Things that a child can benefit from a Pilates program include balance, co-ordination, agility, speed, flexibility but mostly an increase in willingness and wanting to participate in sport and physical activity.

In a program specifically designed for them individually which will focus on their weakness’ it targets exactly what they need. Exercises that include proprioception will assist with improving their balance.

Performing exercises using multiple muscle groups assists with improving their co-ordination. Getting the right muscles to work at the right time can improve their agility and increase their speed. Performing the right stretches at the right time can improve their flexibility.

Our kids Pilates program is a seven week program designed at assisting many aspects of children’s development along with being fun!

Starting from eight years of age, in a 1 on 1 class with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist, they then have the option to participate in a group session with only other children as an extra with no extra charge.

Following a treatment plan for each child individually helps us get the most out of each child as everyone knows, no two children are exactly the same.

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