Tips & Tricks For A Fitter Life: Our lives are complicated.  We all have our own pressures, demands, circumstances and stages of our lives, particularly in times of uncertainty that can make “life” overwhelming.  But, from a health professional’s perspective, there are some basic tips and tricks that you can make part of your life that can always set you on the right path, no matter where your life is heading

These include:

  • Be Stronger
  • Get started
  • Be consistent
  • Ask for help when needed

Senior Physiotherapist, Michael Dermansky recent wrote this article on the 4 major steps that you need to take in order to get started on your health and fitness journey.  This article was published in the August edition of e-bubble life

To read the full article in detail (in e-bubble life), click on the link below:

Tips & Tricks For A Fitter Life

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