What COVID Does To The Brain

After a COVID 19 infection, the most common psychological and neurological side effects seem to be:

• Brain Fog
• Depression
• Confusion, and in severe causes
• Stroke

These seem to be either short term and sometimes long term, depending on the person. Research over the last 2 years is showing that these effects are not due to direct effects on the brain, but due to a combination of:

• Abnormal blood clotting, which increases the potential risk of stroke
• Altered thickness of the blood vessel wall, leading to increased protein leaking into the brain, causing an immune response. The immune cells of the brain, the microglia cells, enter an immune state, changing how some other brain cells behave.

The good news is that these changes do seem to be reversible and as this mechanism is better understood, better treatments can be developed

Hamzelou, J (2022) What covid-19 does to the brain, 29th January 2022, No. 3371. P19.

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