Although a long term approach is always the best way to lose weight and keep it off,  below are my top 3 tips to give your journey of weight loss a kick start.

Reduce your portion size

This may seem simple, but even a healthy meal can really add up in kilojoules which means you’re eating too much.  Aim for a meal of about 1500-2000 kilojoules and it’s okay to leave food on the plate it you don’t need it.

Muesli bars are not healthy snacks

Muesli bars have healthy elements, such as fruits and nuts, but are also heavily packed with kilojoules. These can really add up, so preparing snacks in advance, such as having cut up fruits or carrots sticks reduce your kilojoules count and stop the cravings.

Stop being afraid of carbs

Having some carbs in each meal stops the cravings and gives your brain fuel.  This does not mean massive carb meals, but a small amount in each meal evens out your blood glucose and reduces the load on your pancreas, controlling your insulin levels.

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